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Free Demo: "Eleven"

Creating realistic portraits is a skill many artists desire to master. Commissioned portraits, caricatures, illustrations and concept art - these all are applicable use for realism. but in order to do that, we must practice and study. One of the fun ways for me to do that is studying people and characters that inspire me. it allows me both to practice my skill and pay homage at the same time! I just finished watching one of my favorite shows new season, Netflix's "Stranger Things" and immediately knew I have draw "Eleven". Actress Millie Bobby Brown conveys the character's vulnerability and hidden strength in such a unique way it creates instant empathy. This study is made in photoshop with a screenshot ref. I used "Guach a go-go" from Kyle's Brushes (now available in cc2018) for the initial values. This allowed me to work more painterly and with broad strokes in the underpainting and initial color lay, and later on with a simple brush for more subtle details. Here is the demo of the process, hope you'll find it useful! -Noa

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