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Congratulations to our TAG (Twitch Art Group) Community member @nEUb on winning the May Tag Challange "Dinosaurs & Guns"!

@nEUb is an artist situated in Scandinavia and creates art at his spare time, looking to improve his work and skills. Great Job nEUB!! Our new challenge topic is "Bird of Paradise" : submissions open until June 26th.

Join our weekly Twitch with Wonder ArtHouses's Noa Katzir at each wendsday to paint along and discuss art with fellow artists from all over the worldh, Join our community on discord and submit your work!

Congratulation to @Anna on winning our February T.A.G Challenge "Tarot Card"!

@Anna's sweet interpretation for the classic "The Magician" card earned her the winning title.@Anna is an illustrator of cute, and sometimes funny stuff, from bunnies to snakes and spiders, they are all loveable in her world. f you happen to like anything you see, just smile, and she will be happy! Make sure to check out @Anna's work on her instagram: As a winner of the challenge, @Anna got to choose our next challenge topic: Fruit Dragon. Our next challenge:

March challenge is going to be a two-part challenge: Part 1: Line Art Sketch *Create a Line Art Sketch under the topic of "Fruit Dragon". No Color! *Submit your work in our discord community under #community_challanges tab until March 30th *Winner will be chosen by vote until April 4th and announced on our challenge stream 2PM EST. *Winning work will then move on to part 2 Part 2: Color *using the line art of winning work of Part 1, create your own color version! *submit your work until April 3rd *Winner will be chosen by fine artist and realism expert Jonathan Hardesty in a special stream on May 4th!! Want to know more? Join our discord channel and regular challenge stream each wednsday 9pm Israel/2pm EST with Wonder ArtHouse artist Noa Katzir:

Congratulations to our January Challenge winner of the T.A.G (Twitch Art Group) : Claudie Cb! January's challenge topic was "Moon Dog". it Just so happens that on the day of announcement a rare astronomical event that happens only once in 152 years occured : the Blue-Red Moon! How fitting is that? Claudie's submission related that special event (did she plan it? only she's to know) and her approach for design and color made her work stand out of the crowd!

Claudie is an illustrator and concept artist based in Canada. check out her work here:

As a winner of the challenge Claudie also got to choose our next art challenge topic: "Tarot Cards"

Next challenge submissions are acceptable until february 27th in our discord channel: under #community_challenges tab and will be announced on our regular Twitch Stream hosted by Noa Katzir on february 28th 2pm EST

In the meanwhile check out the submissions made the artists of our community!

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