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Wonder Workshops

Live workshops with award-winning international artists

Achieving a successful art career means to nurture and develop talent. not only our own, but for fellow artists and our community, and no better way to do that is than learn from the best artists in the world!

Wonder Workshops are intense professional 3-day workshops with award-winning international artists from the animation ,games and fine arts industries, such as Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera, Sam Neilson, Stephen Silver, Nathan Fowkes Jonathan Hardesty and more.

whether you are a professional artist or a student, this is the best way to learn and connect with your artistic heroes, get feedback and level up your art-game.

check out below our Future & past workshops and testimonials to learn more.

Design Your Life,
Learn From The Best.

Future Workshops




Master the art of portraits, caricatures & charcter design


Award-winning and Master-artist of Portraits and Caricatures Jason Sieler is one of the world's best renowned artists of his field. His works are constantly featured on the covers of magazines such as Time,  Rolling Stones magazine , M.A.D, Der Speigel and among his clients are Disney, Dreamworks and Blizzard

In these 3 days of workshops he will teach you how to create Expressive yet realistic portraits, Biting caricatures, and creative character design for concept-art in feature films and AAA games.

Get ready to face the truth!

Future Workshops
Past Workshops

Past  Workshops


for Painters and Game Artists

Jonathan Hardesty

FEBRUARY 27, 28 - MARCH 1ST, 2019

The "Art Nerd" is coming back!

Following the success of his first workshop and by popular demand, Master Artist Jonathan Hardesty is returning to Israel for a second workshop, this time all about Textures!


This 3 day workshop will include in-depth of explanation of how  analyze and study texture, and more importantly how to create imaginary art using those tools.

This workshop is intended for digital and traditional artists alike,
whether you are a student or working professional.

click below for more info and tickets




Stephen Silver in front of wall 2.jpg

for Concept art & Illustration

Bobby Chiu   Sam Nielson  Kei Acedera

JUNE 7-8TH, 2018

Wonder ArtHouse is proud to host for the first time in Israel known and award winning artists artists Bobby Chiu, Sam Nielson and Kei Acedera  with a Schoolism Live Private Workshop all about Storytelling for concept art & illustration.

in this 2-day Workshop Sam Nielsen and Bobby Chiu will share their ideas, methods and techniques on creating compelling art and expressing your ideas effectively to best achieve your artistic goals.
The workshop will include lectures, live demos, active exercise and Q&A with your participation, as well as 1on1 portfolio review from special guest artist Kei Acedera!



JANUARY 17-19TH, 2018

With credits on 11 feature films including The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, How to Train your dragon, Shrek, The Legend of Puss in Boots, and upcoming projects on animated features with Disney, Blue Sky Studios and Paramount animation, Veteran industry artist Nathan Fowkes is coming to Israel for a unique 3 day workshop on environment design, creating compelling concept art and much more!

Stephen Silver in front of wall 2.jpg


JUNE 14-15TH, 2017

With his unique style Stephen is one of the most sought after artists animation industry, known for his work on Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and among his clients are Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Nickelodeon and many more!

click below to view the workshop gallery, exclusive members' content and learn more.


MARCH 16-17TH, 2017

American Painter and Artist Extraordinaire Jonathan Hardesty held an exclusive two-day workshop for 20 determined artists, focusing on the foundations of realism in oil colors and digital media.

Specializing in realism, Jonathan is one of the hottest names in the art world and his works are presented in private collections and exhibitions in the USA and world wide.

click below to view the workshop gallery, exclusive members' content and learn more about the workshop and Jonathan.




“Great location, pleasant room, Silver is Just amazing!
it was teach-full, exciting, and just pure fun andJ oy!

This was a workshop of once in a life! I was so glad to participate in it, I learned a lot and the workshop was just fabulous.
some of the exercises learnt will use me in my professional and personal work. I got lots of motivation, which is always need, and I will make sure to remind myself of Stephen's teachings.”

“To Jonathan & Noa , thank you so much that was an amazing experience. 
Every thing was perfect.
Jonathan, it was a great honor to meet you and learning from you. Your knowledge and personality sine in bright warm colors

Cheers and much luck.”

“Jon, Noa -Thank you for amazing two days of art, creating and experiencing new areas, full of colors, good people and vibes :) 
Really glad I had the chance of learning personally from you Jon, your good mood inspires ;)
And thank you all, had fun meeting and speaking with you!

And as Jon usually says- it was Good Good Good!”

“The Workshop Helped me understand the process and stages of a realistic painting.
Jonathan explained everything in detail, answered my questions and now I feel I have ש much better comprehension of the subject.
Thank you, It was a lot of fun!”

“Enriching, knowledgable, full of doing, great & personal treatment...

I got a lot of practical information,  many solutions and advice to approach and structure work.
The workshop helped me knowing how to work in the future, how not to give up, and how to succeed against all odds!”

“Stephen is a very inspiring man and a great teacher. I learned a lot from him, both professionally and personally. Lessons for LIFE!
The workshop gave me a lot of great advice, methods and practices.

 I improved my skills, got motivated and learned a lot of new tools to work with!

Wish it was longer!”

“Stephen is amazing and it was a pleasure listening to him speak.  He teaches about things that seem trivial at first, but soon become the core of understanding our designs. I learned how to put that knowledge into good use and improved my designing skills tremendously.”

"The Workshop Helped re-motivate me to draw more and challenge myself. it also helped me learn tricks like how to use quadrants to figure out a caricature and using bow&arrow to capture gesture”

"Jonathan is an excellent teacher, thank you so much!
His workshop gave me a deep understanding of values, color and how to approach a painting from the beginning. It was great!”

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