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December Challenge Winner: @Penelope_Saladfingers

Congratulations to our community challenge winner Penelope_Saladfingers! December's challenge topic was "Nisse" mischievous gnome-like creatures from scandinavian folklore who help around the house or farm and prone to pranks should one annoy them. Penelope's work had captured the essence of the Nisse with a light, childlike and heartwarming approach. good job!

Our next challenge next challenge topic is "Moon Dog" and was chosen by Penelope. Last submission date is january 30th on our discord community channel (details below)

check out all the submissions for "Nisse" art challenge

Want to in on the fun? Join our art challenge "Moon Dog" hosted by Noa Katzir each wednesday 2pm EST / 9pm Israel on her twitch channel:​

and submit your artwork in our discord community

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